2024 Elections

Early In-Person Voting

Michigan is an Early Voting State beginning in 2024. Early Voting Dates for 2024 Elections.

August 2024 Primary Election: Sat, July 27 to Sun, Aug 4, 2024

November 2024 General Election: Sat, Oct 26 to Sun, Nov 3, 2024

For more information regarding Early Voting, please visit the MI Secretary of State website via this link. https://www.michigan.gov/sos/elections/voting/early-in-person-voting

Vote Early: Bank Your Vote, Protect Your Vote

No matter which voting method (in-person, absentee ballot or early voting) you choose for the August Primary Election (8/6/2024) and November General Election (11/5/2024). We encourage all voters to please Bank Your Vote at https://www.bankyourvote.com/

To beat Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024, we must ensure that Republicans bank as many votes as possible before Election Day. Because of the efforts to Protect Your Vote in 2022, grassroots Republicans like you should feel comfortable Banking Your Vote in 2024.

The Bank Your Vote initiative encourages GOP voters (like YOU!) to get your vote in and make absolutely sure that your voice is heard in the critical 2024 elections.

In all 56 states and territories, your Republican Party will be working hard to get our voters to vote by mail or early in-person, and ballot harvest where permitted. We can’t do it without you though–so share this site with family and friends to make sure they bank their vote, too!

2024 Ingham County Ballot Proposals (August 6, 2024)

Ingham County Ballot Proposal List August 2024


If you or someone you know might be interested in running for School Board or Lansing Community College Trustee positions in 2024, please contact Mary Shinkle (Party Chair) at 517.410.4201 or Norm Shinkle (Party Co-Chair) at 517.655.5992 for more information. Filing Deadline: July 23, 2024

Ingham County Open Seats – School Boards

  • Dansville (3 seats): Brian Applin, Mathew R. Crane, Margaret Foster
  • East Lansing (3 seats): Chris Martin, Monica Fink, Elizabeth Lyons
  • Haslett (3 seats): Amy Clark, Monica Del Castillo, Cammy Wheeler
  • Holt (2 seats): Marisa Anderson, Robert Halgren
  • Lansing (2 seats): Farhan Bhatti, Racel Willis
  • Leslie (4 seats): Dave Cowing, Eric Isham, Brad Dunlap, Bud Fifield
  • Mason (2 seats): Kurt Creamer, Michael Kelly
  • Okemos (4 seats): Katie Cavanaugh, Melanie Lynn, Andrew Phelps, Jayme Taylor
  • Stockbridge (2 seats): Judy Heeney, Jill Ogden
  • Waverly (2 seats): Amy Krause, Holly Nester
  • Webberville (4 seats): Amy Coe, Danielle Rhodes, Jennifer Lycos, Sueann Crandall
  • Williamston (2 seats): Julie Conley, Deborah Wolf

State House Races

County-wide Offices (4-year term)

Ingham County Candidate List 2024

  • County Clerk – Candidate: Joe Werner
  • County Prosecuting Attorney – Candidate: Norm Shinkle
  • County Sheriff – Candidate: Steve Fox
  • County Treasurer – Candidate: Bruce Little
  • County Register of Deeds – Candidate: Karla Skoczylas
  • County Drain Commissioner – Candidate: Brian Beauchine
  • County Commissioner (15 Seats)
  • Township Boards (Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer & Trustees)

Lansing Community College Trustee (6-year term)

Precinct Delegates (2-year term)

Ingham County Republican Precinct Delegate List 2024

What is the Role of a Precinct Delegate?

A Precinct Delegate is the ‘backbone’ of our Republican party; the Republican Party is fundamental for the survival of freedom. A precinct is the smallest political geographic division in a state; the local clerks draw the precinct lines. 

A Precinct Delegate is an elected representative to their precinct. Every precinct has at least one Precinct Delegate, and some have more. The local Republican party Chair determines the number of delegates based on the number of votes in that precinct for Secretary of State in 2022.

A person running for Precinct Delegate must be a registered voter residing in the precinct in which they are running. The Candidate needs to fill out an “Affidavit of Identity” and turn it in to their County Clerk’s office by 4:00 pm on May 7, 2024.

Once the candidate files, their name is placed on the ballot in their precinct for the August 6, 2024 primary election. Their name is under the heading “Candidate for County Convention Delegate.” The primary ballots are separated by political party so someone voting Republican in the election can only vote for the Republican Precinct Delegates running in that precinct.

Precinct Delegates are elected in the August primary election of even numbered years. Precinct Delegates are critical to help spread the Republican message from all corners of the state and keep the Party with conservatives leading Michigan. If outside groups influence the election of precinct delegates we could have chaos within the party structure and set back the conservative movement for years. Ronald Reagan said it best, ‘if someone is with me more than 80% of the time, they are my friend and ally’. It is critical that precinct delegates are united to defeat the liberal-woke opposition.  

County Conventions: The official role of a Precinct Delegate, in addition to helping educate voters, is to attend, actively participate and vote at all County meetings (called Conventions) during the two-year term. There will be three ‘County Conventions’ for the next elected precinct delegate.

The first County Convention will be on Thursday, August 15, 2024 for the purpose of electing their County Delegation to attend the State Convention that will take place on Saturday, August 24, 2024.  This convention will nominate the Lieutenant Governor, AG, SOS, as well as two candidates to the Supreme Court, and governing boards of Wayne State, Michigan State, and the University of Michigan.  

The second County Convention will take place after the November 2024 general election and prior to December 5th to elect the non-statutory portion of the County Republican Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the ‘face’ of the Republican Party in your county.

The third County Convention will be in the winter of 2025 (late January or early February) to elect the County Delegation to attend the State Convention to be held in February. This convention will elect our State GOP Leadership (Chair and Vice-Chairs) as well as District Leadership.