March 2020 Ballot Proposals

The following information underscores how vital it is for all conservative Ingham County residents to make their voices heard during the 2020 Presidential Primary election on March 10th. Below are the proposals for Ingham County as well as some descriptive information. Please take a look and please do not forget to vote on March 10th.

March 2020 Ballot Proposals

Potter Park Zoo

The Potter Park Zoo has a millage starting in 2006, and renewed in 2010 and 2016 at  up to.41 mils.  This year on the March Ballot there is an request to increase the millage up to .50 mils.   Note the use of the term “reauthorizing” rather than “renewal”  in the ballot language.  The primary reason for the increase request is to provide funds to build a new animal hospital on site.  The current facility needs replacement or upgrades to maintain accreditation.  Note: Several people have inquired about MSU Veterinary Hospital. For accreditation purposes the facility has to be on-site.   The Ingham County Republican Commissioners were split on their support for this ballot proposal increase given the current millage funding.

Trails and Parks Millage

This is a renewal of the 2014 ballot initiative at .50 mils to fund county wide trails and parks.   To date there has been many repair projects completed on critical bridges and trail surfaces.   Some new trails have been funded and are under way.   The renewal will help complete more interconnections such as the Holt-Mason connection which is currently undergoing the design phase.   The Ingham County Republican Commissioners were unanimous in their support for this ballot proposal.

Ingham County Health Services

This is also a “reauthorizing” ballot proposal rather than a renewal. In 2012 and renewed in 2014 there was a millage for .52 mils  for persons not covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  “Obamacare” . The original 2012 initiate was to be a bridge until the ACA took full effect.  After the implementation of the ACA the usage of the funds decreased and the applied millage rate was .32 mils for several years.  Note: Ingham County frequently has millage language that says “up to .xx mils” so the full levy does not have to be applied.   During a portion of this past time a large portion of this millage funding was used for undocumented immigrants “illegal aliens” and also for mental health services for jail inmates meeting the eligibility requirements.  This was not the intent of this millage given to the voters for the 2012 and 2014 proposals.  Given the uncertainty of the future of the ACA under President Donald Trump,  the Democrat led Board of Commissioners requested the millage be put on the ballot at .63 mils.  The Ingham County Republican Commissioners were split on their support for this ballot proposal.

Ingham ISD

A county wide millage but not under the county government.   The Ingham ISD Ballot proposal is a Headlee Rollback that allows the full millage rate to be applied.  The Headlee amendment limited tax increase so after a period of time the full millage rat is not applied.
Information put together by District 6 Ingham County Commissioner Randy Maiville.

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