COVID-19 Response – A Call for Leadership in Governing

Please consider writing to your local elected officials in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic regarding the governmental response.

Contact Governor Whitmer Here.

Contact Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. Here.

Contact 67th District Representative Kara Hope Here.

State of Michigan

First of all, it is time to take a position of positive leadership, leadership means many things to many people.  The core definition is to inspire confidence, passion and commitment in others.  This is done thru sound decision making and communications.  At this difficult time we need this kind of leadership more than ever.  Many other States have announced specific criteria to reopen, this provides a specific path forward, that I have not heard from your administration.  There is much evidence to suggest that this can be done safely from many highly respected experts.  I urge you to research and consider an approach based on Total Harm Minimization, a concept that has been researched by Dr. David Katz, a board certified specialist in preventative medicine and public health.  This approach considers all aspects of decisions made regarding Covid 19.

It is certainly sad and awful that lives have been lost due to this terrible virus.  However, the data does not necessarily prove that lockdowns work.  Consider three states.  New York, Florida and California.  Florida had the latest lock down date, yet has the lowest death rate of the 3, despite having the 2nd largest percent of elderly population.

This is the time for leadership and wisdom to rule the day, we need to listen to experts and weigh the data, but at the end of the day, we need to make tough decisions for the benefit of all in the community.  As an example, at the end of World War II scientists developed and tested the atomic bomb, however scientists did not decide whether to use the bomb.  Leaders need to make these decisions.

With all due respect, I  urge you to thoughtfully and carefully consider the information contained in this email and take a strong leadership position by deciding to reopen our State , while doing all we can to protect the vulnerable in our community. 

You are in my family’s prayers and the prayers of many others daily.

Thank you for the consideration.

Bill Whitbeck