Open Letter to the UAW

To all UAW members of Ingham County, and across the Country.

Congratulations on your recent gains in your 4-year contract. The Ingham County Republican Party is proud of your determination to stand up for what is right for your Union and its members. We would also like to point out, that your gains would not have been possible without the determination of the Republican Party to stand up for you and what is right for the people of the United States of America.

If you don’t agree, that’s ok, but let’s look back to the year 2009, when a Democrat administration, pushed GM to file bankruptcy and form a new company, which also bankrupted many GM retirees, and began a new 2-tier pay system, with much lower wages, and a temporary classification for new employees.

Since then, due to a struggling economy, lower automobile sales, and with fewer employees, as many jobs were moved to other countries, (never to return, according to the Democrat President) GM employees have realized only modest increases in their overall benefits

Come back to today with the economy at levels not realized since the 1960’s, with lower unemployment rates, many of those “lost” manufacturing jobs now back in the US, manufacturing levels at all time highs, lower tax rates, and more money going into workers pockets due to tax cuts, it stands to reason, that the Unions and their members had more bargaining power than ever before. There’s no denying all these benefits are a direct result of the work of OUR President, and the Republican Party.

So once again, from the Ingham County Republican Party, congratulations on your recent contract gains, you deserve them.

Easiest way to join “Workers for Trump” is to text: WORKERS to 88022

You will receive a response to provide your email to keep you updated on information important to workers.

Proposed Gun Restriction Bills

A number of anti gun ownership bills have been proposed in the Michigan House and Senate.

They are House bills 5275-5277 and Senate bills 678-680.

These bills propose red flag laws and other draconian anti gun legislation.

Speaker Lee Chatfield is opposed- contact him and encourage him and thank him.

Senate Majority Leader Shirkey has said he may listen to these in committee- call him and tell him NO!

Contact your senator and representative and tell them you do not want or support these bills.

Pass this on as far and wide as you can – this is important to our freedoms and rights.

Below is a link to a Youtube video explaining further.

Also encourage Speaker Chatfield and Leader Shirkey to propose legislation removing pistol registration requirements.

Include your name, address, and phone in all correspondence

District Name Email Phone
House 67 Kara Hope 517-373-0587
House 68 Sarah Anthony 517-373-0826
House 69 Julie Brixie 517-373-1786
House Speaker Lee Chatfield 517-373-2629
Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey or 517-373-5932
Senate 24 Tom Barrett 517-373-3447
Senate 23 Curtis Hertel Jr 517-373-1734