8th District Candidate Forum

8th District Candidate Forum

Featuring: Mike Detmer, Paul Junge, Kristina Lyke, Nikki Snyder, and Alan Hoover.

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We had a great turnout at the event on February 27th! Thank you to all of the community members that came out to learn more about our amazing candidates for 8th District US House! Together we know we can retake the 8th district and make the House Republican Again!

From left to right in the pictures below: Paul Junge, Mike Detmer, Kristina Lyke, Nikki Snyder, and Alan Hoover.

Bill Whitbeck Introducing the candidates
Paul Junge

Top: Bill Whitbeck. Bottom: Paul Junge.

Nikki Snyder
Mike Detmer

Top: Nikki Snyder. Bottom: Mike Detmer.

Kristina Lyke
Alan Hoover

Top: Kristina Lyke. Bottom: Alan Hoover.