2018 Lincoln Day Dinner Photos

All photo credits go to Darlene Thompson and Kenneth Ration! You can find more Lincoln Day photos (the two 2018-05-22 albums, one two) on their Facebook Page

Chaffetz use 4
Chaffetz use 3
Norm use
Chaffetz use
Jason use 2
Rosa Jason use
Chaffetz use 5
Jake Chaffetz
Jason use 3
MRP table use
Carter use
Inman use
Barrs use
Charla use
Brandon use
Grace use
MAGA use
Jim Mott Lx use
Tom and Mike use
Table wide MRP
Mary use
Sean Pawsat use
Roe use
Stephens use
MRP table use
Pawsat use
full room use
Gustafson use
Leon Clark use
Rick use
Yavonne and Bill use
Grot use